Pace Email Signature (no menu)

Learn how to update your email signature in Outlook and GroupWise.

View the Pace email signature options below. Please note that certain fields are optional, depending on what information is helpful to your clients/recipients. Use Arial as your font, and 10pt as the size. Only your name should be bolded.

Download the Pace Flag and Logo files below for your email signature. If you switched to Outlook, use these files as they are better sized for Outlook. Then, watch the video below for instructions on how to update your signature in Outlook on desktop.

Pace Flag

Pace Logo

On Outlook webmail: click settings, and search “email signature”. Then format your signature as per the previous instructions.


Why do I have to change my signature?

We want all clients/recipients to have a consistent experience whenever they communicate with Pace Analytical®. This helps us create a memorable brand.

What about other fields like the Rapid Response number?

You may add vital information like the Rapid Response number on another line. Please do not add unnecessary and repetitive info such as your email address.

Why use Arial instead of the Akrobat font from the brand book?

Fonts are not locked down in emails and can change depending on what device you are using. So, we are using the “web-safe” font, Arial, so each email signature appears the same on any device.

We have also amended our Brand Guide to include options for Microsoft Office standard fonts. Please review the Typography section of the Guide for more information!

What is the meaning of the Pace Flag (the color bar at the top of the signature)?

The Pace Flag represents our 3 main Divisions: Green for Environmental Sciences, light blue for Life Sciences, and orange for Scientific Professional Services. Though each Division offers separate services, we are unified under the main Pace Analytical® name to protect our environment and improve our health.

GroupWise email signature instructional video