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It’s all here.

Everything you need to represent the Pace Analytical® Services brand is located within this site. Logos, templates, PowerPoint slides and more, are quickly within reach. As we are working to build the Pace brand, we ask that you use these tools as your foundation for consistent and effective brand communications. Our brand becomes memorable as we reinforce clear brand messages and visual cues.

To start, review our quick brand video reinforcing that it’s up to all of us to represent our brand values in everything we do. You are Pace Analytical®.

Video | What the Pace Brand Represents

Resources by Division

Video | The Future: Modern Marketing at Pace

Corporate Brand and Style Guide

The Pace Brand and Style Guide is a lengthy document outlining our brand strategy, messaging, brand assets and visual elements. Below are quick links to specific areas of the guide that you’ll want to master.

Pace brand messaging. Includes our position in the market and messaging statements. This is important for everyone as this is how we build brand equity and clearly distinguish Pace from competitors in the market.

Trademarks. Pace Analytical® is a registered trademark. As such, it is a brand asset that needs to be protected! Review this section to ensure you are correctly representing our registered trademarks and other protected marks.

Logos and graphic brand elements. Consistency matters to create memorable brands. Review the do’s and don’ts of using the Pace brand assets.

Colors and fonts. Pace has a distinct color palette that represents the different areas of our company. NEW: We have also adopted an easily accessible corporate font.

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Do you need a marketing resource for a unique event or activity? Submit a project request.

We strongly encourage everyone to consider our brand values and use digital collateral (PDFs) as much as possible (versus printed material). You can access our digital resources on Salesforce. If, however, you need printed material, submit a request below.

If you have questions about brand usage – or what marketing is up to – drop us a line.